22 December, 2011

Lost in a Sense of Wonder

Christmas time...for many people, especially children, it's the magical season of wishes, dreams and wonder. A few years ago, a friend shared the following poem with me and for the first time, the feelings that I experience whenever I see a picture of the straight Egyptian stallion, Al Adeed al Shaqab, have words. For me, it was like magic, that someone who had lived a long time ago, through the words of a poem, gave a voice to the 'thing" that happens to me, every time I see a picture of this horse.

I wonder about you and me
you are the ultimate wish of all wishes
You drew me closer and closer to you
Until I lost myself and became one with you
I lost myself in a love so deep
That I no longer existed as me
Oh my blessing, my life and my solace after death
I have no one but you
You are my every fear and my refuge
You, whose garden blossoms with all of your senses,
embracing all that is beauty
If I could wish for one
are all that I could wish for.

May the wonder of the holiday season, never stray far from your heart.


This poem, I Wonder, was written by Al Hallaj, a Sufi poet, of Persian origin, who lived from 858 to 922 AD and was translated into English by my friend, Mr. Majid Alsayegh. I would have to say that that this particular picture is one of my favorite photos of Al Adeed Al Shaqab, as the horse is not only physically beautiful but he is also a beautiful horse inside, as one can see the depth of the relationship that exists between the horse and his beloved friend, Sheikh Hamad. This is the people-loving disposition, for which the horse is famed and loved by all.

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