12 January, 2014

JUST A...Bucket of Tribute

Maybe, I had seen them in the kitchen cabinet a hundred million times before or maybe not but there they were, all cheery and festive, just as they should be; a merry looking container for both man and horse. Its just a simple bucket of horse treats, right? Yet, they have become much more than that now. When I bought them, Mimi was very much alive. I really loved my little mare and as silly and as trivial as this may sound, this bucket of treats signified how deeply I cared for Mimi. She had a special place in my life and I wanted to do things that were demonstrative of just how special she really was. It's excruciatingly painful to admit that she is gone and there's a hard, biting coldness to the realization of what forever means. Mimi was like an oasis of happiness, in a life that could be so...challenging. There was so much joy in her companionship and it was always the hope that some of this joy could spill into other parts of my life and make them as equally joyful, as life with Mimi was every day. That's the magic that Mimi made in this world, in my life. She was my miracle, my proof of a loving and generous God, who took all that I had ever desired in a horse and made them real; made them into a being named Princeton Maarena. That was Mimi. If she were a person, I would have sought her out, in order to win her friendship. You just naturally wanted to be in her company, in the hope that you could become more like her. She was that charming, in a quiet and sweet way. She was my hope for a better life. So, I must keep these feelings that she inspired alive. I must turn to joy and away from grief. I must embrace joy and not sorrow, because once upon a time, Mimi lived. I am compelled to honor Mimi's life with joy because that's the spirit in which she lived her life. JOY. Anything less, would not be Mimi. I won't be able, in a physical sense, to do thoughtful things like buying treats for her. Those simple symbols of reverence are over now. What is relevant is the inspiration and encouragement that I derive from these sweet memories to live the kind of life that will convey to others just how wonderful Mimi really was, and in the process, honor her memory justly. She was a once-in-a-lifetime horse...how fortunate I was to have this miracle happen in my lifetime.

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kar120c said...

I am glad you found your comfort, Ralph. Mimi will be there in all the joyful moments of your life. How wonderful that you have found your horse of a lifetime. I rejoice in that.