01 October, 2014


"....large liquid dark eyes of oval shape..." - Carl Raswan
I pulled into the driveway and saw Maria just stepping out of her golf cart, with an arm full of hay.  She had just started feeding the horses. It was a good time to visit, as I could help her with all of the chores while we talked. "Hey, how are you? Thanks for letting me come over" as I gave her a big hug and then asked, "where's your new mare? I don't see her."

With a panicked look on her face, Maria quickly searched the herd with her eyes. "Um...oh, there she is, David, right over there,  by the water trough. She's the little chestnut mare with the white star," she said and continued, "you know, I don't really know that much about her. Her owner died and the relative that I dealt with, didn't really know much, other than what was on her papers. She's a sweet mare though, sad but really sweet. She doesn't socialize with the rest of the horses in this pasture. When she first got here, I thought maybe after a few weeks, she would be used to everyone. But that time has come and gone and still, she prefers to stand alone in the far corner of this field, away from all the other horses." Maria explained, as she agonized over the cute mare. "What do you think?" she asked me. I shrugged my shoulders because I had nothing to say. Maria looked at me and then continued, "the vet has seen her a couple times and has run a blood workup but he can't seem to find anything wrong with her. Nothing. She's healthy. So, I have been wondering over her diet and whether the grain I am feeding her might have something to do with it. I might switch her to a forage-based diet. I've already tried a higher dose of vitamins but I haven't seen any change. She looks so sad, so withdrawn. I know this sounds crazy but I have an animal communicator coming here tomorrow morning, to evaluate her."

"I don't think that's crazy Maria," I replied, "you might just find out what's bothering her and then, help her get better." We talked a little more about her new mare and a few other things and pretty soon, it was time to go home. "Call me and let me know what the communicator finds out about your mare. I'm stumped." I said, as I backed my car out of her driveway and drove away.

Louise Reardon, the animal communicator,  arrived early the next morning. Maria explained all of her concerns about the new mare. After some time, the communicator called Maria over to the pasture and proceeded to give Maria an answer that she was not really expecting. "You know Maria, this was a very poignant session for me. One of the more memorable sessions that I can ever recall. Your mare started to weep great tears of sadness, as if her heart was going to split in two halves, as she remembered her mistress. She had deeply loved her woman, who sounds like a gentle and kind soul. Marti was her name. She called your mare Desi. She doesn't like the name you are calling her by. She prefers that you call her Desi. Marti made Desi feel very special and she told her that of all the horses in the world, she was the most beautiful horse she had ever known. Marti always had kind, soothing words for Desi. She made Desi feel better. She spoke directly from her heart, using words that were raw, full of imagery and feeling" and then, Louise stopped for a minute, to brush a tear out of her own eye. "I'm sorry." she said. Maria looked at her in full amazement, hanging onto every word Louise said. "But the most amazing thing your little mare said, is that she remembers Marti's eyes most of all. They were the most beautiful eyes. Dark, liquid eyes that seemed to be like two pools of melted obsidian. Obsidian. Can you believe Desi said that?" Maria was quiet and Louise, broke into her silence with a question, "do you have a camera?" Maria looked at her, puzzled and repeated, "a camera? whatever for?"she asked. Louise explained, "Desi told me that when Marti looked at her, she could see, in the depths of Marti's eyes, her own beautiful reflection. So, I promised her that you would take her picture with your camera and show it to her every time you see her. It's not the same as seeing her reflection in Marti's eyes but I noticed you have light blue eyes and well, it's the best that I could come up with. It made Desi happier to know this." 

So, imagine my surprise, to learn the whole story, when I called Maria later. I cried, to learn that Desi was grieving the loss of her human. I also loved her name. Desi. And then, it hit me and I laughed out loud, "WOW, even horses like selfies, just like people."

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Jeane DeVries said...

I love this story! Completely agree that animals can grieve, and experience deep feelings of loss. How lovely that Maria connected with Desi through a communicator that helped her understand what the little mare was feeling. Love it!