02 March, 2009


Over 52 years ago, Nellie Jackson foaled a striking filly out of her beautiful *Maaroufa daughter, Maarou, bred by the Babson Farm. Nellie Jackson had looked forward to this filly, sired by Fasaab, a son of *Fadl and *Bint Bint Sabbah and her patience, was well rewarded, as Maar-Ree was every bit as beautiful as one would have hoped for.

Who do you think of, when you think of an influential mare? You know, mares who have established strong, enduring and vibrant families, which remain critically relevant to the present day?

I think of Maar-Ree.

I find it amazing, when studying Maar-Ree's pedigree, that the majority of the pedigree is mainly two horses: Ibn Rabdan and Mahroussa. As a matter of fact, 62.5% of the pedigree is these 2 horses, via their son and daughter: *Fadl and *Maaroufa. Is it really Maar-Ree's continuing influence or rather, the influence of the 1920 mare Mahroussa? Aside from producing *Fadl and *Maaroufa, this Mabrouk Manial daughter, out of the mare, Negma, also produced the stallion *Zarife (by Ibn Samhan) and the mares *Hamama (by Kawkab) and *Hamida (by *Nasr), all of which were influential in American Arabian breeding programs.

Maar-Ree produced 6 daughters, who are: Maar Jumana, a 1962 bay daughter sired by the Babson stallion, Disaan, Maar-Juahara, a 1972 grey daughter by *Ibn Moniet el Nefous, a 1974 daughter RDM Maar Halima, a 1974 bay daughter by El Hilal, MFA Maariia Isis, a 1977 grey daughter sired by The Egyptian Prince, MFA Maet, a 1978 grey daughter, again by The Egyptian Prince and MFA Bint Maarree, a 1981 grey daughter, again sired by El Hilal. Although more influential through her daughters than her sons, Maar-Ree produced 7 sons, among which are the bay stallion Maar-Khaliq in 1969 by *Ibn Moniet el Nefous and the 1980 bay stallion, MFA Bahahr by The Egyptian Prince.

So which is your favorite branch of the Maar-Ree family? This is a very difficult question to answer, as the above mares, although closely related, produced differently from each other, with stunning results.

In Maar Jumana, you can find the reason for which I questioned whose influence is really at work in this family: Maar-Ree or that of her great-granddam, Mahroussa? A daughter of Disaan, this straight Babson Egyptian stallion contributes 50% of Mahroussa blood, through her son, *Fadl. Disaan accomplishes 2 things with his daughter Maar Jumana that the other stallions bred to Maar-Ree could not do: the percentage of Mahroussa remains well over 50% in Maar Jumana and he preserves the influence of Maar-Ree, in straight Babson Egyptian form. Maar Jumana produced the full sisters by Maar-Rab: Maar-Malika and Maar-Kamala. However, it is her daughter by El Hilal, RDM Maar Hala, which makes this branch of the Maar-Ree family particularly exciting as RDM Maar Hala accomplishes something that Maar-Ree was not able to do. RDM Maar Hala was an incredible stallion producer, having produced the stallions: El Halimaar, ET Crown Prince, Prince Ibn Shaikh, Halim El Mansour, Maar Ibn ALi, Maar Ibn Amaal and Maar Ibn Shaikh.


In a tribute article for this most wonderful mare, authored by Honi Roberts, Cynthia Culbertson who was present at the breeding which resulted in El Halimaar, fondly remembers,
"I remember thinking that something extraordinary was bound to come of the joining of two of the most beautiful Arabians in the world."
Had RDM Maar Hala only produced El Halimaar, her greatness would have been assured forever. However, in her later years, RDM Maar Hala was bred to her son, El Halimaar to produce the exciting contemporary breeding stallion, Haliluyah MH. She did produce nice daughters and her daughter (by the *Morafic son, Al Metrabbi) Maartrabbi, when bred to the Salaa El Dine son, Crusader, produced the excellent horse, Maarauder MH. So, RDM Maar Hala, as a grand-dam, continues her influence for producing horses of great influence, through the sire line.

It is a bittersweet wonder to me, after witnessing these accomplishments with new Egyptian stallions, that Maar Jumana was not preserved in straight Egyptian Babson form, at least once, to continue the legacy that has been handed-off through the generations, from Mahroussa to *Maaroufa, from *Maaroufa to Maarou and from Maarou to Maar-Ree.

It is also interesting to watch from the sidelines and reflect on how this family of horses will continue to prosper and in which form. This is the beauty of a powerful family and the treasures that are uncovered, as the years pass.

EnJoy your horses,

***Many thanks to Jane Karr, for reading this blog and asking about Maar-Ree. This is dedicated to you.***


Anonymous said...

Ralph, I can't thank you enough for writing this article about Maar-Ree who I consider the most wonderful, beautiful, influential Arabian mare of all time. She brings tears to my eyes everytime I see her picture or read about her.

I love this blog!


Anonymous said...

Maar-Ree is of unequaled Type, conformation and Beauty.

Is there any living straight Babson or Babson/Brown horse that resembles Maar-Ree?


Ralph Suarez said...

Hi Valerie and thanks for visiting the blog.

I am a little tired tonight but wanted to acknowledge your message.

Google "SunnyRu Maaroufa" (Princeton Faaris x Princeton Maaroufa). She is a straight Babson and she is gorgeous.