28 April, 2010


This is the 2001 black-bay mare, Shaarbat. She was bred by the late Jay Gormley, of Jason Arabians. Her sire is the black stallion, Zarife el Mansour, a Babson-Brown stallion, meaning that he is mostly of Babson breeding, with the tail female line of Mist Aana, a daughter of the stallion, Hallany Mistanny (*Zarife x *Roda). That's the Brown part.

However, the part of the pedigree which really excites me is her dam, Bint Mah Habba. Through her tail female line, we find the mare, Fa-Habba, a daughter of *Bint Bint Sabbah.

Do you know who Fa-Habba is?

She produced the mare Falima, by *Ansata Ibn Halima, who in turn founded one of the strongest Egyptian mare families, not only at Ansata but all over the world:


Yup, that's right.

I really like this mare. She is compact, substantial with big hips, she has a strong top line, a very powerful chest and shoulder, she is round and curvey like an old-time horse, she has a very nice bone structure and bred to the right kind of stallion, she has so much to offer, both genetically and phenotypically. To me, she is timeless, as if she walked right off the canvas of a painting in a museum.

Because her bloodline combination is rich in Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik breeding, her percentage of Blunt desert breeding is low, while her Abbas Pasha percentage is very high. As compared to the newer Egyptian lines, using Shaarbat is like introducing hybrid vigor into your breeding program. You will get very strong, positive results. Recently, a mare with a similar tail female line to Shaarbat, PR Desert Rose+ won a big prize at the Kuwait National Show for her owner, Burhan Bakeer of Safari Stud. She is a beautiful mare. Just beautiful. This is only one example of what this Babson-Brown blood can do for you.

Shaarbat is currently owned by Coralie Foulon Marcotte of Sinoan Arabians in Normandy, near Lisieux, France and is listed for sale. Again, like Angelic Noir, it will be very interesting to learn who she will appeal to more: a black Arabian breeder or a very wise straight Egyptian breeder.

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