09 April, 2010

They call him Pimmy

My friend, Tzviah Idan, visited Arabians Limited in February. I spoke with Tzviah shortly after her trip and asked her which horse at the farm made the biggest impression on her?


Tzviah was enchanted by the straight Egyptian stallion, Pimlico RCA.

"Pimlico just blew me away. His forehead is broad and the eye was so very much like *Jamilll's eye. I saw *Jamilll at the US National's in the 80's and he has remained the 'ideal' for me."
Pimlico has won many fans around the world, who appreciate his classic type, as well as his strong structural conformation, with much substance and yet, he is so elegant! The appreciation for this stallion earned him the 2004 Egyptian Event Supreme Champion stallion. In 2007, Pimlico was shown in the Region 9 championships and was named a Grand Champion Stallion. The following year, he was show in the World Cup and was named a top 5 stallion. In addition to his halter wins, Pimlico has been shown in Western Pleasure classes.

Pimlico was bred by Debra and David Geiser of Dara Meadow Farm and was purchased by Arabians Limited as a weanling. Sired by Thee Desperado and out of the mare, Bint Bint Jamil, Pimlico carries Babson blood through his dam, as she was sired by the stallion, Mohafez, an *Ibn Moniet el Nefous son out of the Babson mare Ahroufa (Ibn Fa-Serr x Bah Roufa). Ahroufa was a full sister to the beautiful bay mare, Roufah. Dr. Nagel traveled to America, to Bentwood Farm in Waco, Texas to purchase the stallion Mohafez. During this visit, Dr. Nagel saw Ansata Abbas Pasha for the first time and fell madly in love with the horse. From this visit, resulted the leasing agreement which found Ansata Abbas Pasha traveling to Germany, to be bred to mares from Katharinenhof, Babolna and Marbach studs

The connection to the stallion, *Jamil, is through his maternal grand-dam, Sehnab. She is a *Jamil daughter out of the mare, Sabah, who was sired by Ibn Galal, out of the Alaa el Din daughter, Mahiba. The tail female line of this family goes through Mouna to Moniet el Nefous, giving Pimlico the strain of Saklawi Jedran of Ibn Sudan.

There are many photographs taken of Pimlico RCA, which are striking and powerfully convey his strong conformation and abundant Arabian Horse type. However, for me, my favorite photo is this Stuart Vesty photo, as this picture captures his very expressive face and radiates a most amazing personality. This horse, "Pimmy" as he is called, loves people and the energy projected through this photo, overwhelms me with his friendliness. No one would dare call such a majestic horse as Pimlico, "Pimmy", if he was not sweet! There is a reason for this very sweet name. This people-loving quality, while intangible, is a crucial component of Arabian Horse type, as this horse has been raised in the desert, to live safely among his people, insuring his survival and that of his breeders, the desert Bedouins. We must do whatever we can do, to preserve this quality, so it is abundantly found in our horses.

EnJoy your horses,

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