08 February, 2011

Pri Asali Halim

Gail Carmona, of Princeton Arabians, bred her mare, the 1977 Faaris daughter, Princeton Gamila (out of Shar Gemla) to Ansata Halima Son (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Damietta) twice. The first breeding resulted in a beautiful, charismatic black colt named Pri Gamil Halim, who tragically, died at a young age.
The second breeding produced the above-pictured, impressive chestnut horse, Pri Asali Halim.

 I spoke with Teresa Craig of Gibsonville, North Carolina. She owns Desert Image Arabians. She purchased Pri Asali Halim, as a two-year old and owned him up until 2 years ago, when he died. He was a very sweet horse, who was also extremely versatile. Teresa had broken him to harness, enjoying him as a pleasure driving horse. He was also shown in Show Hack, winning many Class A championships. He was also a Second Level Dressage horse, eventually winning a top ten at Scottsdale, Arizona. Teresa still owns one of Pri Asali Halim's daughters and plans on breeding her next year.

 I found eleven recorded daughters and five sons, of which only twelve of these horses are Al Khamsa recognized. Of these twelve horses, only nine qualify as straight Egyptian, 7 daughters and 2 sons. His straight Egyptian daughter, DIA Shailinnar (out of the Imperial Imdal daughter, Ashiika) has produced two straight Egyptian mares: in 2001, Haliah Surata (by El Shahhdai, a son of The Minstril-sired The Shahh, out of The Egyptian Prince daughter, Latifa Raqqasa) and in 2004, Sha Sinnemon Shai (by a Simeon Shai son named Thee Shai Seducer out of a Minstril daughter named Shir Aviva) giving this stallion, three generations of get.

 His chestnut son, Eh Ahmose+, out of the straight Egyptian mare, Eh Nagidah (*Nagid x Anchor Hill Rudi), has been a successful endurance horse, owned by Claire Godwin, DVM of Maryland. In 2009, Claire and her remarkable horse won the Old Dominion, a 100 mile endurance race, held annually in Virginia, in addition to finishing in the top ten of the grueling Tevis 100 mile race in California and being named a Region 15 100-mile champion.

 Pri Asali Halim was a taller horse, approximately 15.2 hands high. His neck had a beautiful shape, a little longer, more slender and gracefully arched, meeting the head at an angle to form a very nice mitbah. He had a very nice wither, great shoulders, an extra long forearm and nice, straight feet. His overall body is smooth, strong and harmonious. While Pri Asali Halim is sired by a son of *Ansata Ibn Halima, the dominant influence in his pedigree comes from the Babson horses *Fadl, *Maaroufa and *Bint Serra I, who represent over 75% of Princeton Gamila's pedigree. When Teresa told me of Pri Asali Halim's sweet disposition, how willing he was, trying everything that was asked of him, I wasn't surprised, as this is the true nature of Babson breeding and one of the main reasons why people like me, become such devoted fans of these bloodlines.

 Ansata + Babson x Sirecho = a beautiful Egyptian Arabian horse 

 However, the influence of Sirecho cannot be denied, especially as his sire *Nasr was a son of the Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik mare, Bint Yamama, the great grand-dam of both *Fadl and *Maaroufa. It is an opportunity to reinforce this bloodline, through a different source and incorporate the blood of the RAS mare, *Exochorda, who infuses fresh desert breediing into the pedigree. It is as close as we can get to "hybrid vigor" in a straight Egyptian pedigree. Whenever Sirecho is present in a pedigree, you immediately notice a finer quality of skin, accentuating all the details of "dryness", a unique attribute of the desert horse, as well as a stronger and rounder top line and smoother lines throughout the body and a sweet and lovng disposition.

 The combination of Ansata, Babson and Sirecho bloodlines yielded beautiful horses, who in turn produced even more beautiful horses. It is hard to believe that today, the Babson Sirecho's face a reduced level of interest, as do the other equally important groups like the Babson Halimas, the straight Babsons and the Babson Turfa horses. A reduced level of interest, results in a fewer number of horses. A reduced number of horses results in a reduced number of choices for the straight Egyptian breeder.


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Unknown said...

I have an Al Khamsa Pri Asali Halim x Princeton Serra son. He is a 1995 gelding. His registered name is Dia Serr Miralay. He is now a flea-bitten white with a beautiful blood shoulder.