14 August, 2011

True Beauty Lies Deep In the Pedigree

In 1975, after Manaya had foaled a daughter by Ameer, Dr. Mohamed Marsafi had agreed to sell Andeera to Louise Van der Vorm of the Netherlands. This new filly, named Bint Manaya, uknowingly became the catalyst in a series of events which made the story of PH Te Era and Peter Van Ingen possible. You can read all about it in Sweeter than Chocolate. It is the story of the enduring power of an influential EAO mare family and how one man in particular, persevered in his dreams to be forever connected with this family of horses. Peter Van Ingen has been involved with Egyptian horses since he was fifteen years old. I don't know exactly when *Andeera first got on Peter's radar but he just loved this particular mare, understood her great value and held her family in high esteem. Peter had become acquainted with Adora, an Andeera daughter sired by Mowaffac. Adora became Peter's favorite mare and for him, became not only the standard by which he would measure other horses, Adora underscored for Peter, the tremendous value of the Moniet el Nefous family, as seen through Andeera. In 1995, Judi Parks offered the straight Egyptian mare, Ph Te Era (Ph Ibn Tego x Andeera) to Peter Van Ingen.
"I was taken by surprise because I knew how important Te Era was."
Sadly, this elegant and beautiful mare died this past week. She leaves an entire son for Peter: Rashad Ibn Te Era, our "chocolate horse" but more important than even "Ibbie"; she graced Peter with the priceless gift of her desert spirit, a very physical reminder of the beauty which is always unfolding in the universe.

Goodbye Te Era, goodbye.

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Judi said...

Yes, Goodbye Te Era, goodbye. She leaves not only Peter with good memories and some wonderful offspring but she also left us with some wonderful memories and offspring as well. Unfortunately we lost our TeEra daughter Taherah by *Serag when she was way too young but her other daughter Tohfa by the EAO stallion Ibn Farha went on to produce our stallion *Ben Ben Barrada (now with Ken Keele in California) and for her owner in Germany. I hear Tohfa is being offered for sale....ah if only....

Thanks Ralf for your wonderful thoughts about a really wonderful mare.


Judi Parks
Al Abbasiyah