09 October, 2011

Her Name is Vona...Vona Sher-Renea

Vona Sher-Renea is a 1989 grey mare, sired by the *El Shaklan son, El Sher-Mann out of the Mohssen grand-daughter, Renea. She is Saqlawi Jedran by strain, tracing in her tail female line to the Blunt desert-bred mare,  Basilisk. She has three Egyptian lines in her pedigree, through the *Morafic son, Shaker el Masri and the *Ansata Ibn Halima sons, El Hilal and Mohssen. That's five lines to Nazeer, two lines to Moniet el Nefous and three lines to Farida in this mare's genetic make-up. While the Crabbet lines which incorporate Skowronek and the Spanish lines through *Estopa exclude this mare as an Al Khamsa-recognized horse;  Vona Sher-Renea has a high percentage of Asil breeding, not only through the Egyptian lines mentioned but also, via the multiple lines to the Wadduda grandson, Antez and the Muson son, *Letan, not to mention the high percentage of Blunt desert breeding, throughout the majority of her pedigree..
"Who knows when love begins? Who knows what makes it start? One day it's simply there, a life inside your heart. It slips into your thoughts, It infiltrates your soul, It takes you by surprise, then seizes full control."-from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Love Never Dies
It is difficult not to remember the theme of this year's Al Khamsa convention, which reminds everyone of CONNECTIONS...we are all connected through our horses and I can't think of a better way to celebrate these connections than to spotlight this precious mare, who has produced for our world, the most beautiful stallion of recent times, WH Justice by Magnum Psyche. Preservation cannot just be an end unto itself. There has to be a very real reason why preservation makes sense. Why are we saving these bloodlines, if we don't use these elements together with other essential ancestral elements to breed better horses? There needs to be a motivating reason why Arabian Horse breeders will tap into the rich repository of Asil breeding. And nothing motivates people more than a beautiful, champion Arabian horse! Using preservation breeding, TOGETHER with other Arabian bloodlines makes sense and in this example, of a real live beauty like Vona Sher-Renea and her son, WH Justice; preservation breeding was very necessary, because without preservation, these horses would not exist. As WH Justice continues to color our world with lovely sons and daughters, each foal celebrates the vision and the wisdom of the breeders who came before us and their decision to save a bloodline, for future use


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