01 March, 2012

Al Fattah

Al Fattah was a 1969 chestnut stallion, bred by Gleannloch Farms. A son of *Morafic and the Sameh daughter, Safaa; Al Fattah was a balanced, harmonious,  round, curvey horse of gracefully flowing lines, suggesting a strong Dahman phenotype, maybe even leaning more towards Kuhaylan phenotype,  than his Saqlawi influenced pedigree. He is a horse who had a surprising level of refinement without sacrificing substance. He's strong. Look at his wide chest, the powerfully-muscled shoulders, a deep heart girth, a round hindquarter and a strong and smooth, short,back.

Al Fattah's EAO-bred dam, Safaa, was a Sameh daughter out of the Moniet el Nefous daughter, Lubna. This is the same Lubna who also produced the grey Ghalion by *Morafic and  the chestnut *Sultann by Sameh. Which makes the pedigree especially interesting, when you understand the close connections. It's amazing. Lubna and Mabrouka (the dam of *Morafic) are full sisters, both mares were sired by Sid Abouhom and out of the queen of Egypt, Moniet el Nefous. So, the doubling of Layla and Shaloul, both sired by Ibn Rabdan, may be the reason why we see a generously round and curvey physique on Al Fattah. In both tail female lines (sire side and dam side) Al Fattah traces to the Ali Pasha Sherif mare, Roga el Beda, which may also explain the overall quality and refinement that we also see in Al Fattah..  I also noticed that both sires, *Morafic and Sameh are grey in color and each stallion was bred to a chestnut colored mare. As Al Fattah confirms for me with his phenotype of how much he favors a long ago ancestor like Ibn Rabdan, I am reminded that Ibn Rabdan comes in through the female side of Al Fattah's pedigree on both sides and his chestnut color, may just be the final confirmation of which side of the family influenced him.

I think of similarly colored stallions from the Moniet el Nefous family, i.e.*Soufian and *Fahker el Din, and wonder if Al Fattah sired similarly and shared common ground with these horses?

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Brain Master said...

He is lovely. Love the coat color and depth of chest.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting, where-ever you been I'm glad your back Tim Graves Myerstown Pa.