14 May, 2013

Connecting the dots...

Sometimes...I look at a horse's pedigree and an inspiring thing happens. Suddenly, I become aware of the many people who are part of the horse. People who were involved in creating the horse's history. Think about it for a minute. Do you know how many breeders were involved in creating the foundation which made SR Mista Faaris possible? His pedigree is a living textbook of preservation history, consistently underscoring the vision and wisdom of different people, who demonstrate a tremendous amount of foresight, by preserving different Bedouin lines. I think these are the CONNECTIONS that Al Khamsa wanted to emphasize and celebrate at their annual convention two years ago. Each breeder was really different from the other and yet, through the horse, they shared common ground and a common purpose.  The ability of the past to CONNECT with the future, as it runs through the present, never ceases to amaze me and their horses,  who live through a horse of the present, is the only connection we have back to them. SR Mista Faaris is a  Princeton Faaris son out of Sunnyru Mis Mandy. His pedigree combines straight Babson Egyptian lines, Sa'ud breeding through the mare *Turfa, the Ayerza mare *Aire and more of the Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik horses: *Nasr, *Zarife, *Roda, *Hamida. While not a straight Egyptian horse, SR Mista Faaris is here today because people like Albert Harris, General J.M. Dickinson, Don Hernan Ayerza, the Van Vleets, the Garretts, Paula Fatjo, the Perdue's of Rudalaro, Lois Kinney, Mari Silveus, Gail Hoff-Carmona valued the Bedouin Arabian Horse and chose to preserve him in a variety of forms, so therefore, SR Mista Faaris is 100% Al Khamsa, tracing to Bedouin-breeding in all of the lines of his pedigree.Because the Hallany Mistanny horses are so few in this world and the Babson-Turfas are even fewer, the blood of SR Mista Faaris and what he means for the Asil breeding pool, is precious...very precious. We can't afford to lose a horse like SR Mista Faaris. We need him.
He sired a nice colt named SMF Alnair for Diane Smith of Snow Moon Farm, so I offer this colt as proof, that SR Mista Faaris is a proven breeding stallion.

SR Mista Faaris is for sale at this time. 

This is a GIGANTIC opportunity for someone who wants to add authentic Bedouin breeding into their program. Horses like SR Mista Faaris are not the kind of horses who are easy to find, as breeders usually hang onto these treasures and no amount of money will move a breeder to part with them. They are priceless and this is your chance, to claim this treasure as your own.


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Anonymous said...

Nice informative article representing this horse. I hope he finds a home that understands his purpose and heritage...Rhonda