05 June, 2006

*Bint Moniet El Nefous

There is one mare who, many years after her death, remains "timeless". She was the most beautiful mare in her time period and yet, if she were alive today, she would be very competitive, maybe even a "World Champion". WHO is this mare? Nazeer and Moniet El Nefous together produced the chestnut mare *Bint Moniet El Nefous, imported and owned by Richard Pritzlaff of Rancho San Ignacio, New Mexico, USA. This breeding combination also produced 2 full brothers and a full sister: *Fakher El Din, who was also imported into the USA, Ibn El Sheikh, a 1955 chestnut stallion sold to El Sheikh Saleh Saab of Egypt and Mai, a 1958 grey mare who unfortunately, died in 1961. When Dr. Ibrahim Zaghloul, a former director of the EAO, was interviewed by Arabian Horse World in 1986, he said the following of *Bint Moniet El Nefous:
"She was, without a doubt, the most like her dam of all of Moniet's daughters."
To the present day, I still cannot believe that the EAO sold this mare, especially after losing Mai...*Bint should have stayed at El Zahraa, to continue the legacy of her revered mother. She was the ONLY living female offspring of Nazeer and Moniet El Nefous!!!

*Bint Moniet was as beautiful as her mother but conformationally stronger in her body.*Bint Moniet was the result of the famous bloodline blend of Mansour and Ibn Rabdan (Nazeer was a Mansour son, while Moniet El Nefous was a daughter of Shaloul, an Ibn Rabdan son). So, the opportunity existed to have bred *Bint Moniet back to a Babson stallion, reinforcing the Ibn Rabdan ("world champion type") blood (remember that both *Fadl and *Maaroufa had Ibn Rabdan as their sire). What a giant-sized "what if"! If my memory serves me correctly, I think that Bint was foaled in 1957, as she was a yearling in one of the pictures that I saw of her (taken in 1958). She had 13 foals in her breeding career, her first two foals were a filly foal by John Doyle named Tatu (and a majority of people agree that this mare was her most beautiful) and a colt foal by the Rabanna son: Tibor the General named Sir White Moon, a filly foal by Umi named Muniet Nefous and 10 foals by by *Rashad Ibn Nazeer (Alcibiades, Bimoniet RSI, Bint Bint Moniet, Dymoniet RSI, Monietor-RSI, Monieta RSI, Sonieta, Monisa RSI, Rasmoniet RSI, RSI Rara/Raya Del Sol). 



  • 71: Rodoniet (Umi) 
  • 73: RA Leila (Bel Gordas) 
  • 81: Myrna (The Egyptian Prince) 
  • 82: AK Raiyeh (The Egyptian Prince) 


  • 81: Monietsmelody RSI (Raj RSI) 


  • 73: AK Monisa Moniet (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous) 
  • 76: Bint Monisa (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous)
  • 78: AK Abriel II (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous) 
  • 79: AK Radia (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous) 
  • 80: AK Khaasataanah (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous) 


  • 76: Fatiha (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous) 
  • 83: AK Munifeh (AK Shah Moniet) 


  • 80: AK Bint Moniet (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous) 

AK Ghazala (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous)

  • 81: AK Esmaaha Moniet (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous) 
  • 84: AK Tashrifa (The Egyptian Prince)] 
  • 85: AK Bint Sahara (Shaikh Al Badi) 


  • 79: Alsonia (Almoniet RSI) 

Moniet El Nefous has been a celebrated mare, in most everything written about her, the reader is always left with a favorable impression of the mare. She was beautiful, however, conformationally, she had some flaws. That is why I love her daughter, *Bint Moniet El Nefous so much and why I say that Moniet produced a daughter who was superior unto herself. *Bint Moniet retained the awesome beauty of her dam, while embodying superior conformation. The year prior to his famous purchase of Rashad and Bint, Richard Pritzlaff attempted to buy a full brother to Hadban Enzahi: Kamal II (Nazeer x Kamla). What if???? *Ansata Ibn Halima...I am very curious over the end result of this cross. From breeders who knew Richard Pritzlaff, he wanted to try this stallion as well but the transport was too risky for a mare as valuable as *Bint. I agree and find myself wishing that AI had been in practice, back in the day. WHAT IF??? And then, there is Alaa El Din. Moniet El Nefous was bred to Alaa El Din three times, to produce two chestnut mares and 1 chestnut stallion: Manar in 1965, Manaya in 1966 and *Soufian in 1968 (who was eventually exported to the USA). Of the three horses, Manaya has contributed daughters to the EAO breeding program, 1 daughter in particular, Maali (by the chestnut Moniet El Nefous son Ameer) has been equally prolific as a broodmare. It would have been a wonderful cross to try *Bint Moniet El Nefous with Alaa El Din. And finally, what about *Tuhotmos? An El Sareei son out of Moniet El Nefous? This stallion was in fact, crossed back on Fayrooz, a daughter of Mouna, herself a daughter of Moniet El Nefous! This mare produced Fouzan, a 1971 chestnut stallion, who was gifted to the President of France and *Maather, a 1972 chestnut mare exported to the USA. Had *Tuhotmos been bred to *Bint, what ethereal creature would have emerged from the mating? *Tuhotmos was a double grandson of Shaloul, a son of Ibn Rabdan, as El Sareei was a Shaloul son and Moniet El Nefous was a Shaloul daughter, as described earlier. Would the resulting foal be chestnut, like Moniet? Bay, like Ibn Rabdan? Or grey, like Shaloul? That would have been really interesting and possibly, a very dramatic horse.



AlineS said...

What would SE programs without her?

Royal Mirage STud said...

This was such a wonderful post. I know this was written in 2006 and now it is 2011. We have just purchased a mare Nadeia (el Shalyar x Soufian and out of Norra (Morafic x Bint Mona) dam line to Moniet el Neous.. She is the spitting image of Moniet el Nefous but with a jibba on her head but the same bone structure. We are breeding her to out stallion named Ibn Shahlima (BKA Rashiiq x Glorieta Shahlima) Ibn Shahlima is an Ansata Shah Zaman (Morfix x Ansata Bint Mabrouka fulll sister to Morafic) grandson. This will be an exciting cross with Moniet el Nefous crossed on Nazeer once again. We are very hopeful. Michelle, Royal Mirage Stud www.royalmiragestud.com