05 June, 2006

Gelgelah AlBadeia

I don't believe that in these times, there is a more striking, more dramatic mare...the traditional Arabian mare of the Bedouin...that's what I think about, when I see Gelgelah, the 2003 World Champion Mare.

The Venus family of Hadban Enzahi horses is a wonderful, wonderful family, especially the tail female through Yosreia. Gelgelah's dam, Anhar AlBadeia, is a daughter of Bint Bint Yosreia. However, her sire: Ameer AlBadeia is also a Hadban Enzahi, tracing in tail female through the Nagdia daughter, *Malekat El Gamal to Hadba, a daughter of Venus. The breeder of Ameer AlBadeia, Nasr Marei has this to say about the stallion:

Ameer Albadeia is considered a milestone in the breeding program of Albadeia. His sire , Kayed (son of Morafic) has started a new era at Albadeia and Ameer just took it several laps further. Most of my current mare s and stallions are his get or grandchild. Take Farid Albadeia , the prime sire at Albadeia at present –Five times National champion of Egypt (never beaten) and three time Champion stallion at the Breeders Association show in Egypt . His Grand daughter out of Anhar Albadeia is Gelgelah Albadeia ..Won Several championships in Egypt and in Europe and last year won the European and the World champion mare titles . So Ameer produced at least two World Champions Al Adeed Al Shaqaband Gelgelah Albadeia. To me he was and is more valuable than any horse I ever had.

Anhar is a pure-in-the-strain Hadbah Enzahiyah. Yosreia, again demonstrates the success of the Mansour/Ibn Rabdan cross. Yosreia's sire, Sheikh El Arab is a Mansour son. Yosreia's dam, Hind, is an Ibn Rabdan daughter. Some of the best horses, as I have witnessed it, are of this bloodline blend. Yosreia was a prolific broodmare, having produced horses like Aswan, who was a powerful and significant sire in Russia, Farasha who produced the exotic stallion *Farazdac and Mohga, who produced the influential sire Ibn Galal (Magdi), to name a few of the illustrious horses of this line.

Gelgelah's sire, Imperial Madori is a son of Imperial Madheen, whose dam, Madinah, is interestingly a daughter of Ibn Galal, the Mohga son and thus, bringing in an additional line to Yosreia. Imperial Madheen's sire: Messaoud, is a son of Maymoonah, a daughter of the stallion, Hadban Enzahi, who also traces to Venus, through Kamla. The influence of the Hadban Enzahi strain is strong in Gelgelah.

It will be interesting to see how this line continues to produce at Al Badeia, through Gelgelah's daughter: Farha by Farid AlBadeia (a son of Ameer out of another Nagdia daughter) and in the hands of another breeder, Mrs. Shirley Watts of Halsdon, who has bred Gelgelah twice to Simeon Sadik, producing two fillies: Gamra and Greta.

I salute you Nasr Marei, for this most extraordinary mare. It is great to know that singlehandedly, you are brining the romance back, in the style of the great Egyptian breeder, HRH Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik.

Enjoy these horses,

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