12 October, 2008


My heart started pumping quickly and every hair on my head was standing on end, when I saw these series of Imperial Al Kamar pictures taken by Christine Emmert, at one of the last Pyramid Society meetings, held at Imperial Egyptian Stud.

GOOSEBUMPS...do you know what they are?

"I got chills,
they're multiplying
and I'm losing control
'cause the power
you're supplying
-John Farrar, from the song, You're the One that I Want

I get them everytime I see one of these pictures. Which is a surprising feeling to experience, as I was not a fan of Imperial Al Kamar through most of his career at Imperial Egyptian Stud. I have to "come clean" and admit this to you, right here and now. I can't even tell you why I was not a fan of this horse. He is one of a few sons of the 1966 stallion, El Hilal (*Ansata Ibn Halima x *Bint Nefisaa) like Mohummed Sadden (out of Akid Fa Mona), Moon Sheine (out of Nafairtiti), RG Hilacious (out of Desert Song RSI), Carousel Hilal (out of Nora Halima) and VP Regal Heir (out of Bint Sammara). So, it is not like the community has an overabundance of El Hilal breeding. We don't. I did not have an opportunity to see El Hilal personally, while he was alive. I relied on second-hand information regarding his conformation and really, there were other horses born in El Hilal's time period, whom I was more attracted to than El Hilal. I also knew that Sheila Varian had tried to use him in her program, without much success. I was being unfair. I had made too many assumptions, which led me to incorrect conclusions about this horse. Maybe, just maybe, he was never bred to the right mare...that is, until Imperial Sonbesjul came along. In 2004, I had the opportunity to visit Imperial again and SUDDENLY came to the realization that every horse that captured my attention, the horses that I would buy, if I could afford to, were all sired by Kamar!!! So, what was I thinking about El Hilal again?????


Imperial Al Kamar is a grandson of *Serenity Sonbolah and I think this blog accurately conveys how I feel about this once-in-a-lifetime mare. For this reason alone, you would think that I would have felt differently about Imperial Al Kamar.

For lovers of the "Dahman" horse, Imperial Al Kamar has two crosses to *Ansata Ibn Halima in his pedigree. The dam of *Sanaa (Hossny's dam) is a daughter of Yashmak (the dam of Rashad Ibn Nazeer), who is also a Sheikh El Arab daughter, as is Halima, the dam of *Ansata Ibn Halima. If you believe in "strain theory", Yashmak also brings in another source of the Kuhaylan Rodan strain, which is the tail female strain of Imperial Al Kamar. So, in this stallion, we have the very dominant presence of the Kuhaylan Rodans and in particular, the powerful Rodania family; balanced by the Dahman sire lines of not only Halima but also Farida (through *Bint Nefisa). The presence of Yashmak in Imperial Al Kamar's pedigree, combined with El Hilal, also brings in another interesting point to consider. El Hilal's grand-dam, Nefisa, produced another daughter by El Sareei, *Bint Nefisa, who was imported to America by Richard Pritzlaff. *Bint Nefisa, combined with the blood of the Yashmak son, Rashad Ibn Nazeer, produced many beautiful horses for the Pritzlaff breeding program, including the lovely mare, Perfecta RSI.

Imperial Al Kamar is 20 years old now. Hard to believe that this amount of time has passed so quickly. As a two year old, he appeared to be the next star in the Imperial show string, winning prizes wherever he was shown: the Egyptian Event, Region 15 championships, the Buckeye. However, it was not as a show horse that Imperial Al Kamar would receive the most acclaim; it was as a sire.

Going back to my Imperial visit in 2004, I met the young stallion, Imperial Amir Kamar (out of the Imperial Imdal daughter and *Fawkia tail female line mare, Imperial Falaah). I was captivated. This horse was everything that I ever wanted in one horse. There, in front of me, was the horse that galloped in my dreams, suddenly come to life, in flesh and bone. If Imperial Al Kamar had only sired this one horse, for me, he would remain an astounding sire but he sired so many more horses.

"Four, tres, two, uno
Listen up ya'll cuz this is it
the beat that I'm bangin' is de-li-cious"-
Fergie, from her song, Fergielicious

I believe that Imperial Al Kamar nicked especially well with two Imperial mares: the Orashan daughter, BB Ora Kalilah, who produced by Imperial Al Kamar: Imperial Bint Kalilah, Imperial Kaleen, Imperial Kabisah and Imperial Kambriah. My favorite of these mares was Kaleen, because when she was bred to *Ibn Safinaz, she produced the mare Imperial Sahleen (who eventually, when bred to Baarez, produced my favorite filly, Imperial Baalena). Which segways me into the other mare, Imperial Mistilll. With Mistilll, Imperial Al Kamar sired the most famous of his sons, the stallion, Imperial Kamill. This stallion was owned up until recently by Donald Duke of England. However, with the Mistill daughter (sired by *Ibn Safinaz) Imperial Safilla, Imperial Al Kamar sired the young mare, Imperial Karee, who is a gorgeous mare. With the Mistilll daughter (sired by Baarez), Imperial Baarilla, Imperial Al Kamar has sired the young mares, Imperial Kabaarah and Imperial Kahleedah. And again, another "seqway" in this article, as the Imperial Al Kamar sired offspring appears to nick well with the blood of *Ibn Safinaz and Imperial Baarez. Some of the best horses that I have seen anywhere, result from this blend of bloodlines.

Imperial Al Kamar is now owned by Jody Cruz of Rancho Bulakenyo and perhaps, this will be the most exciting chapter of this amazing stallion's life. It's like waiting for the next sequel in the Harry Potter film series. You know that it is going to be good, you just don't know how great its going to actually be. However, one thing is for certain, the results are going to be


Enjoy your horses,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph

I love your articles!

Those pictures are frames from a video I took while I was visiting privately - I went two different days as there were visitors coming and Beverly graciously allowed me to visit a second time that day.

Guess why I visited the farm?
Because you posted a picture of Imperial Amir Kamar on SE.com and I really liked it. It pushed me to go visit Imperial Stud and I never regretted it.

I now am lucky to go visit Jody Cruz once in a while and took real pictures of Al Kamar (I mean with a real camera).

I don't know how to post pictures here but he is in the slideshow on the homepage of my website.

Christine Emmert