26 September, 2010


I learned that the great Farid Albadeia died one week ago, on Sunday, September 19th. I didn't even know he had been sick. I felt like a blow was delivered right to the very center of my soul. No horse lives forever but this was Farid and my heart is broken.
"...you are my shining star
Don't you go away..."-from the song Shining Star by Philip Bailey, Maurice White, Larry Dunn, Leo Graham and Paul Richmond 
Farid Albadeia was a son of Ameer Albadeia and a grandson of Malekat El Gamal. On his dam side, he was a grandson of Ramses Fayek, out of Malekat's dam, Nagdia. So, in both tail female lines of Farid's pedigree, he traced to the Hadbah Enzahyah root mare, Venus. He had 5 lines to Nazeer, close-up in his pedigree and through Fayza II, the dam of Ramses Fayek, he traced to the great Dahmah mare Farida, hence, his name, Farid.


Farid was loved by many people and was the living representation of the ideal Arabian stallion. His beauty was legendary, as Farid was named six times national champion stallion of Egypt. SIX TIMES!

Farid was bred to the world champion mare Gelgelah Albadeia twice, to produce two beautiful fillies: Farha Albadeia in 2000 and Bashooshah Albadeia in 2002. Gelgelah's full sister, Galagel, was also bred to Farid twice and produced Shakawa  and Sonbolat Albadiea. I am fascinated by these breedings, as both Gelgelah and Galagel are out of a mare named Anhar Albadeia, a daughter of Ameer Albadeia, the sire of Farid. Therefore, the doubling of the blood of one of my favorite mares, Malekat El Gamal.  Another of my favorite Albadeia mares, Ibtehag Albadeia (Badran Albadeia x Halawat Albadeia) was bred to Farid and produced a son with wonderful name, Inshallah Albadeia.

For me, Farid was an old-time stallion, whose body was curvey, strong and smooth. There are very few horses who can compare to the level of quality that Farid was. His neck was powerful, gracefully arched with the most impressive crest that I have seen on an Arabian stallion and was set higher on his chest, anchored by one of the best shoulders that I had ever seen on an Arabian horse. Well-muscled and substantial, he exhibited the strength that most of us expect to see in a stallion. Like most horses with ties to the mare, Farida, Farid had a deep and powerful hip, flowing into a strong croup and loin. His hind end was smooth, strong and powerful, balancing the equal amount of power on his front end. Yet for all of this powerful energy radiating from his body, he also had some of the finest features which included his very black, very round, very expressive eye. His head was short and wide with larger size jowls, smaller ears and large, elastic nostrils. Looking at Farid, he gave you goosebumps, even if he was relaxing, not moving or doing anything. Few horses look as good as Farid did, standing, relaxing, letting it all hang out. Farid looked good, no matter what he was doing.

Loving Arabian Horses has been a constant in my life. No matter how my life changes, how many twists and turns it takes, my love for the Arabian Horse remains unchanged. I love them. When I was a child, toy horses were as close as I came to owning my own horse. Maybe this is why Farid is so special. He looks like the alabaster horse that I played with and which I treasured, during those formative years.

It's been hard this past year, saying goodbye to really special horses like Maar Bilahh, The Minstril, *Ibn Safinaz, *Nigmh, VP Regal Heir, Imperial Kamilll and now, Farid Albadeia. Heaven is quickly becoming a horseman's paradise as these great horses leave us, with memories and their legacies...to remind us that once, they were here with us and we loved them so.

"Lay down my brother,
lay down and take your rest
lay your head upon your savior's breast
I love you brother,
but Jesus loves you best
I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight"-from the traditional Bahamian gospel song, I Bid You Goodnight
Too sad to say enjoy,

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