15 April, 2011


"Adalat — how can I say why? She is just Adalat and that is my ideal."-Dr.Ibrahim Zaghloul, the former Director General of the EAO
In 1983, a Queen was born in Egypt. Not since the time of Moniet el Nefous, has Egypt been blessed with something so beautiful, so special, so extraordinary. Her name was Adalat. and like Moniet el Nefous, she would become deeply embedded into the heart and soul of her nation. 
"You're my queen
I'll never let you go, go, go, go
I'll never leave your side
Baby you know, you are my world
You are everything I need, yeah
You make my days bright, brighter than the sun and the moon
You are all that I live for."-from the song, Queen, written by Christian and Lovy Longomba
Everyone loved Adalat. For many people, she was the highlight of their day. No one could walk past the paddock, without searching for beautiful, sweet Adalat. One glimpse of Adalat, that's all it took, to separate someone from having a good day or a bad day. Adalat had that ability to make someone smile, to forget about the harshness of their life for just a minute and indulge in something sweet and pleasurable. And Adalat was...she was so beautiful, she defied any rational human comprehension. The mind could not believe what the senses were feeling, overwhelmed with the beauty known as Adalat. She was breath-taking. She was gorgeous. Among a large group of classic-headed mares, where one mare looks just as beautiful as the other, Adalat stood out from the whole group, as her head was extreme and so full of expression. My friend, Yassmin Atieh said,
"...her eyes were full of expression, you can HEAR her eyes."
That's how this mare affected the soul of a nation...through the eyes. Through the eyes of the people who saw her and through her large, deep, black, lustrous eyes that conveyed the great kindness, the sweetness, the pure, sweet love that defined this mare. After all, she was a daughter of Adaweya, by the Moniet el Nefous son, Ameer. The late Dr. Zaghloul once considered Adaweya as one of five influential mares at the EAO and had said,
Adaweya has beautiful conformation, including a level topline, pretty head, and refined bone. From Abla, she inherited that unmistakably classic elegance and exquisite type associated with the Egyptian Arabian, as well as a deep shoulder and high set neck. Her foals are in turn the embodiment of these characteristics."
Adalat was a fabulous broodmare for the EAO. Bred to a variety of stallions, including her half brothers, Mohab and Adl, Adalat produced 13 foals, 9 mares and 4 stallions:

(1) Addolah, 1987 chestnut mare by Adl
(2) Adelah, 1990 grey mare by Mohab
(3) Agayeb, 1991 chestnut mare by El Helaly
(4) Mouwafaka, 1992 chestnut mare by Mourad
(5) Magdoleen, 1994 chestnut mare by Adl
(6) Anan, 1995 chestnut mare by Rashdan
(7) Olwy, 1997 grey stallion by Hoor
(8) Dalloua, 1998 grey mare by Harras (SOLD)
(9) Maazouzah, 1999 chestnut mare by Gad Allah
(10) Awad Allah, 2001 grey stallion by Gad Allah
(11) Aahel, 2003 Grey Stallion by Serag El Din ( SOLD)
(12) Anbar, 2005 Grey Stallion by Adl
( 13) Naierah, 2007 Grey Mare by Waked (SOLD) 

Now, in the days after Adalat, Yassmin tells me that people walk by her paddock and her absence is felt strongly. People will look at her paddock and say,

"one day Adalat was standing here, one day a Queen was here."
Such is the way of a horse who has become very great and of human emotions, when a horse has successfully made a home in some one's heart. THAT was Adalat and now, she makes her home in heaven, together with the man who loved her the most, Dr. Zaghloul.

Peace to all,

PS Many thanks to my wonderful friend, Yassmin! 

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