27 June, 2022

Déjà Vu in Menton

This weekend, the Laheeb daughter, Wadad Zamani was shown in class 5, for mares 9 years old and older. She was a previous winner in Menton, earning the Silver Senior Champion Mare title in 2016. This mare is a serious competitor, having been shown throughout Europe, Israel and America. Some of her wins include: 

  • 2013 Israeli Egyptian Event Silver Junior Champion Filly 
  • 2015 Egyptian Event Europe Gold Senior Champion Mare 
  • 2015 Bruges Gold Senior Champion Egyptian Mare 
  • 2016 Menton Silver Senior Champion Mare 
  • 2016 AHO World Cup Bronze Senior Champion Mare 
  • 2017 U.S. Egyptian Event Gold Senior Champion Mare
  • 2018 World Bronze Champion Mare 

Bred by Osman Kasasi, she is owned by Hanaya Stud. The mare is a combination of the breeding programs of Ariela Arabians, Imperial Egyptian Stud (through horses they purchased from Gleannloch Farms, Ansata Arabian Stud, Bentwood Farm and Dr. Siegfried Paufler), as well as the breeding program of Plum Grove Farm. What I find interesting about her pedigree is one horse: Imperial Imdal+. He represents almost 40% of the pedigree, as the sire of Laheeb, Al Maraam and Luiba. However, something to consider is Ansata Imperial (Ansata Ibn Sudan x Ansata Delilah), the sire of Imperial Imdal+. He exists in an additional line, as the sire of Imperial-Alamonra, almost 22% influence, which is equivalent to the weight that a grandparent exerts. We can say something similar about *Ansata Ibn Halima, who carries a percentage of 12.5%, about that of a great grandparent. By far though, the ancestor that appears with more frequency than any of the horses mentioned is *Morafic, approximately 17 times and almost 18% influence, which is significant, as his position in the pedigree, depending on the particular ancestor is way beyond the 6th generation, all the way to the 10th generation. 

Like Sweet Eloise, Wadad Zamani, via the mares, Ramses Nagdia and further back, Om el Saad and her dam Yashmak, traces to one of the most powerful and enduring dam lines in our breed: Rodania, by way of her great-great grandaughter, Bint Rissala, one of 2 Rodania line mares purchased from Crabbet. However, Wadad Zamani is grey in her coat color and the Rodania matriline exerts itself a little differently than it would if the mare were chestnut instead.

I feel like she has these powerful sources within her, brought forward by Laheeb and intensified with *Morafic and combined with Rodania, which helps to explain the strong, correct body infused with that classic dry elegance, creating the dramatic look of a desert horse. She's beautiful and the best horse, in my opinion, at Menton this year. Or better said, Wadad Zamani is the horse who will continue to remind me of sunny Menton on what is, a rainy back-to-work Monday morning.

***Many thanks to Arabian Essence TV for their coverage of the 2022 Mediterranean and Arab Countries AHC - Menton.***

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