27 December, 2011

The Story of *Malekat El Gamal

Malekat El Gamal, a 1968 grey mare,  was imported by Imperial Egyptian Stud in 1974, in foal to the *Morafic son, Kayed.  She was bred by Sayed Marei of Al Badeia and was sired by Waseem, a Nazeer son, out of the Kuhaylah Rodaniyah mare Malaka, a daughter of Bint Bint Riyala. Malekat's dam was the Nazeer daughter, Nagdia, out of the Sid Abouhom daughter, Zahia.  Malekat El Gamal, by virtue of her sire and dam, was 50% Nazeer, which is the equivalent of having Nazeer as a sire, even though the horse had died eight years earlier. I met Malekat in person a few times and she was unforgettable, an absolutely beautiful mare. She had the most incredible face...so soulful...her eyes just captivated you, no, actually, I got that wrong...her eyes, they, well, just enchanted you.
“...when the heart is overwhelmed with beauty and the imagination is electrified by some haunting quality in the world or by a spirit or voice speaking from deep within a thing, a place or a person.Enchantment may be...“-Henry Louis Mencken
I'll never forget her look.  I guess her eyes not only pierced my heart, she also pierced my soul...forever. She was harmonious, close-coupled,  balanced and smooth. I think she was perfect, not too big, not too small, everything looked like it belonged on her.

Her son, Ameer AlBadeia, also by Kayed, was a very significant horse for Al Badeia, siring the extraordinary, multiple champion stallion Farid AlBadeia, an influential and consistently strong sire for the Marei's breeding program. Ameer also sired the mare, Anhar AlBadeia, who figured prominently in the Al Badeia program, spreading the influence of Ameer farther in the world by producing the World Champion Mare, Gelgelah AlBadeia, by Imperial Madori.

At Imperial, *Malekat El Gamal was bred to Ibn Morafic, to Amaal, to Hossny, to Moniet el Nafis, to Ansata Imperial and *Ibn Safinaz. Beautiful mares resulted from these breedings like Imperial Ajmalika, Imperial Saahebah, Imperial Al Amali, Imperial Nadirah, Imperial Namunifa, Imperial Nafilah and sons like Imperial Hasib, Imperial Amir Nafis, Imperial Na Malis, as well as the lovely stallion named Imperial Im Mahal. However, *Malekat El Gamal's greatest achievement, would be made through *Imperial Sayyah, a full sister to Ameer AlBadeia, who made a very significant impact not only upon the breeding community of straight Egyptian Arabian horses but for lovers of the classic Arabian Horse everywhere. Without Imperial Sayyah, there would not be a Sundar Alisayyah and without Sundar Alisayyah, there would be no Al Adeed Al Shaqab, the horse who danced in people's minds for a long time, until the time the vision became flesh and bone. For me, there is no finer tribute to a most extraordinary mare...*Malekat El Gamal.
Thank you for being a fan of this blog and for the many wonderful comments you have left over the years. For those days when it was challenging to find just the right words to say, you inspired me and encouraged me to keep going...for the love of a horse.

THANK YOU...a million times over.

Hard to believe that six years has passed so quickly and now, this long journey comes to an end for me but not for you. Take what I have offered and embark on your own personal journey, to discover the horse of your dreams. He is out there, waiting for you.



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Anonymous said...

Farewell my dear friend. May only good things happen for you. I will always keep you in my heart and in my mind.
Go with God.
Janie Karr

Rettke Arabians said...

Ralph, your thoughts keep me thinking. I will miss being able to read your profound words. Our horses will miss your champion spirt for them. You must do what is necessary for you. Maybe one day, you will feel the need to begin again. Much love and many hugs! Lisa Rettke

ladypurr said...

Dear Ralph,

Wouldn't you know it. I found your blogspot finally, again, and the last entry I've read sounds like you are bidding adieu to this venture. Is that true? I've so enjoyed your wonderful musings and expressions of love for this most noble creature. I remember you fondly from SE.com. Life flows on and before we know it, years have flashed by. I remember you with great affection and admiration. You are a beautiful soul, experiencing life here in human form, and the Arabian is your beautiful "soul-mate". I wish you the best life has to offer. Somehow, I hope you see this message. Namaste, Ralph!